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What Patients Say about Dr. Elizama Montalvo July 13, 2008

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“Dr. Montalvo is the only doctor I know that will really take time to investigate small things as indicative of something else. Many allopathic doctors neglect the small signs, but I feel I can go to Dr.Montalvo and be taken seriously. I always assume my body is saying something, though I don’t know what it is. Dr. Montalvo asks questions about other things going on in your life. She spends time and pushes you to acknowledge it and work it out. She puts the healing power back in your hands”.

Marilyn Nance

” It’s not like she does one thing. Her treatments affect everything in my life in a positive way. her personal touch is what uplifts me and gives me confidence in what she recommends. I haven’t experienced that before with medical care. She doesn’t kick you out of the office after five minutes and of course, the treatments do work. She helps me tune into what’s behind my symptoms, what I’m really feeling. Things seem to come from her like the wise woman. They don’t teach that kind of humanity in medical school.”

…an attorney and Brooklyn resident

“Dr. Montalvo is extremely personable and nurturing. She treated my daughter, who is eight years old, like a person, showing her respect and listening to her as she would to an adult. She really got to know her and become familiar with her symptoms, her food preferences, you name it. They get along famously and I think that’s important.”

…Paulette Tabb Jeppe

” She’s unusual in the sense that though you know she’s an M.D., she’ll treat you with other types of medicines. When you visit Dr. Montalvo, the questions she asks are not only about your physical state, but also your mental and spiritual commitments to yourself, because many illnesses are related to all three. She’s not quick on prescribing antiobiotics or other medicines which can destroy other systems. Rather she prescribes homeopathic and other remedies that strengthen your system and make it work for itself.”

…Mary Lou Davis

” Dr. Montalvo has a really deep sensitivity for the various illnesses and has a very healing approach. She’s gentle but depth-ful at the same time. She seems to be able to put people at ease about conditions without feeling intruded upon.”

…a Brooklyn Mom