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What is Shiatsu Dance? August 24, 2008

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What is Shiatsu Dance?

In Japanese, the word “shi” means finger and “atsu” means pressure. The dance incorporates an exchange of energy with nature, which takes place through a healer who is sympathetic with their partner’s response to the applied pressure. Using the properties of the Five Elements system, an healer ( artist) may transform the Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal elements within our being. In the Far East, they believe there is channels of energy that flow through our bodies. These channels provide the guideline for the dance. Shiatsu Dance turns healing into a art form.

Instructions for Receiving Shiatsu Dance.

The person giving Shiatsu Dance is the artist, and the person receiving is the masterpiece. In Shiatsu Dance, we use no machines, oils, or equipment. We use only fingers, palms, elbows and knees to apply pressure on particular areas of the body to help ease aches, pains, tension and fatigue. Wear loose clothing so that you are comfortable and socks so that your feet stay warm. You must remember to breathe in a relaxed and regular pattern. We only apply pressure on the exhalation of your breath.

Five Rules an Artist should always remember.

1. Just be present, and you won’t get tired. ( The less work on performing Shiatsu Dance, the greater reward; you and your masterpiece will receive).

2. Support with both hands. ( Both hands give balance and support to the dance movement).

3. Be continuous. ( The masterpiece can relax and surrender, if theirs no surprises in the dance).

4. Remain Natural. ( Don’t pretend to be someone other than yourself during the dance).

5. Be respectful. ( Give honor to yourself, and especially your masterpiece).


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