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Introduction to Bartus’s practice August 25, 2008

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Bartus Allen has a healing practice in Ponce, Puerto Rico; on his sanctuary farm…Green is Zen. I consider my style, more like an artistic farmer; working on the land with diverse plant life. Working with a client is very similar to working with the land; you have to remain present, focus and intentional. My approach is to treat a patient with the surroundings and principles of nature. As a 5 Element practitioner, I help reflect the overall balance of energy, by treating the root of an illness. In order to detect the root cause of imbalance in energy patterns, I use various acupuncture diagnostic techniques; along with intuitive & holistic knowledge of the ancient healing art of Shiatsu, sound therapy and Qi Gong. I believes that the art of healing should embrace the mystery of a primordial spirit. The secret of healing lay in the patient’s willingness to heal within, though this transformation; the patient spirit will radiant and shine. I believe in my responsibility to the community of oneness, which comes out of my compassion for all humanity. Our deepest place of vulnerability and weakness can also be our deepest place of virtue and strength. By working with the elemental root of imbalance, the healer within everyone; guides the energy back towards its highest potential… healing in accordance with nature’s laws. Each treatment is personalized to account for the genuine needs of the patient, this is the ancient and subtle energetic wisdom of the 5 Elements. 


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