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Emergency Homeopathic Remedy Kit August 28, 2008

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1. Aconitum Napelis

Treats the following symptoms associated with chill: high temperature, dry skin, anxiety, intense, thirst, agitation, ear infection with physical and mental restlessness, ailments due to fright, palpitations, and shock.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets under the tongue every one to two hours reduce frequency with improvement.

2. Apis Mellifica

For strings and bites which usually feel better with cold applications. Also for any irritated skin or tissue which is: pinkish and puffy, but looks whitish when pressed; feels like it has been stung; very tender and intolerant of heat, especially around the eyes (sties); ankles; hands; hands ( sunburn, minor allergic reactions). Also for some sore throats where the tissues seems full of water.

DIRECTIONS: For strings an bites: Remove stinger, wash well and take five pellets every half hour. Take up to six doses. For sore throats: Take five pellets three times a day. If sore throat does not get better within a day, consult a doctor.

3. Arnica Montana

Helps relieve discomfort of mild trauma ( accidental sprains, etc.). Also helps with bruising muscular aches and discomfort due to prolonged physical efforts.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets immediately, them every half hour. Decrease frequency with improvement.

If you are involved in a severe accident and in a state of shock, take five pellets and wait until you are well enough to go home.

Do not repeat this potency unless you talk to a homeopathic practitioner.

4. Arsenicum Album

Gastric disturbances, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, where you believe you may have eaten bad food. Usually patient feels anxious restless, weak and cold, and has a strong desire for small amounts of drinks but not for cold water. Provides relief in hayfever, where there is a thin watery, burning discharge.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets 2 – 3 times a day.

5. Belladona

Inflammatory conditions which appear violently and symptoms progress rapidly. Patient is usually flushed ( face and head) with a red discoloration, not thirsty, cannot tolerate bright light and noise, has headaches, toothaches, fever, boils, a dry sore throat ( cherry red) with painful swallowing and ear infections where the eardrum is congested and bright red with bulges, throbbing or beating pain.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets every two hours and reduce frequency with improvement.

6. Bryonia Alba

Flu-like symptoms with bodyaches made worse by MOVEMENT. The patient complaints of constipation and intense fatigue.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets three times a day.

7. Cantharis

Minor burns associated with blisters or itching vesicles on skin.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets two to four times a day.

8. Carbo Vegetabilis

Conditions which develop slowly and a general lack of vitality is present. Patient wants fresh air or to be fanned. Especially effective for digestive disturbance associated with belching, fullness, colicky pains, and stomach gas. Patients cannot tolerate even small amount of milk, meat or fatty foods.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets three times a day or with symptoms.

9. Chamomilla

For relief or gum irritation, pain, mild fever and diarrhea in teething children. Also for colic and irritability in children which gets better by motion or rocking.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets three times a day.

10. Cocculus Indica

Motion or travel sickness associated with feeling of nausea or dizziness. Distress is aggravated by food odors and lack of sleep. The suggestion to eat is rejected. Also good for stress induced insomnia.

DIRECTIONS: For travel sickness: Take 5 pellets one hour before the trip and every hour as needed. GENERAL MALAISE FROM TRAVEL ( JET LAG); Take 5 pellets in the evening.

11. Colocynthis

Cramps-like abdominal pains from menstruation diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, and vomiting which are relieved by applying pressure or bending over. Patient is often irritable and may feel as is there are stones in the abdomen.

DIRECTIONS: 5 pellets at time of discomfort.

12. Gelsemium

1. Flu-like symptoms, characterized by weakness, shivering, heavy limbs, aching around eyes, no thirst. 2. Nervousness or restlessness, before a scheduled event, performance ( stage fright) or examination. 3. Tension headache with feeling of a band across forehead and eyes. 4. In any instance when the patient feels better in open air and is thirstless.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets the night before an event, and five pellets one hour before the event. OR Take five pellets three times a day; decrease frequency with improvement.

13. Hepar Sulphur Calcareum

Unresolved abscesses (skin eruptions/boils), ear problems, sore throat and early stages of croupy cough. In most instances there is evidence of infection by development of pus. Swelling of glands.

DIRECTIONS: Take 5 pellets at the time you have symptoms, then every two hours after. Decrease frequency with improvement.

14. Hypericum

To give relief of pain caused by irritation or injury to a nerve, especially bruised fingers or toes. Injured part usually feels worse if moved. Also helped for pain cause by an expose nerve in a TOOTH that might need a ” root canal”.

DIRECTIONS: Take 5 pellets every hour, decrease with frequency.

15. Ipecacuanha

Persistent nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or indigestion, usually caused by dietary indiscretions and not relieved by vomiting.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets every fifteen minutes; decrease frequency with improvement.

16. Ledum Palustre

To give relief from pain caused by minor puncture wounds from sharp pointed instruments. Excellent following surgery or insect bites. The affected parts are generally cold to touch and feel better after cold applications. Also useful to improve the appearance of bruises.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets every fifteen minutes, decrease frequency with improvement.

17. Nux Vomica

Intestinal discomfort, abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion, travel sickness, associated with much belching caused by over-indulgence from eating, alcohol, tobacco or coffee. Also useful in treatment of hemorrhoids. Remedy of businessmen, or overworked people.

DIRECTIONS: Five pellets every hour; decrease frequency with improvement.

18. Pulsatilla

Earache, flatulence, thick nasal discharge, menstrual disorders, toothache generally associated with thirstlessness. Better with cool air, cold drinks or cold food ( ie: Toothache is better when holding cold water in mouth).

DIRECTIONS: Take 5 pellets 3 times a day.

19. Rhus Toxicodenron

Pains from strains and over exertion, rheumatism, neuritis and achy flu-lie symptoms which are worse when patient is inactive and much better when active. Cold applications make symptoms worse and heat or warm compresses make them better. Also for skin eruption looking a vesicle eczema.

DIRECTIONS: Take five pellets three times a day.

20. Ruta Graveolens

Injury characterized by over exertion. Sore area is located where tendon is attached to the bone. Ruta Graveolens works excellently following the use of Arnica for muscles. Also dental problems ( dry socket); eyestrain following by headaches. Most of the symptoms are worse when lying down.

DIRECTIONS: Five pellets 3 times a day.


Travel sickness ( car, boat, plane), faint feeling with nausea and patient has a pale face. Symptoms improve by closing the eyes and with fresh air. Sinking nausea with faint and weak feeling.

DIRECTIONS: ( Preventive) : Take 5 pellets one hour before departure. ( Curative) Take 5 pellets after each incident of vomiting or nausea.

22. Veratrum Album

Vomiting associated with painful diarrhea and cramps, alternating with extreme exhaustion and cold sweats. Chills extend from head to feet. Limbs are cold. Patient craves cold water, which is then vomited.

DIRECTIONS: Take 5 pellets 3 times a day.

23. Calendula Ointment

Mild burns, insects bites, and superficial skin irritations ( abrasions and lacerations).

DIRECTIONS: Apply 3 times a day.


Abdominal Distension associated with gas…. Carbo Vegetablilis

Abdominal spasms and cramps….Colocynthis

Anxiety (high pulse, fear, and shock)….Aconitum Napellus


Bee Sting….Apis Mellifica

Boils….Hepar Sulphur Calcareum

Bruising ( accident or dental procedure)….Arnica Montana (or) Ledum Paliestre

Burns (mild blistering)….Cantharis

Burns (mild and dry)….Calendula Gel


Colds (sudden onset, high temperature, dry skin and strong thirst)….Aconitum Napellus

Colds (sudden onset, red face and sweating)….Belladona

Cold sores….Rhus Toxicondendron


Conjunctivitis….Hepar Sulphur Calcareum

Cough (croupy-early stages)….Aconite / Arsenicum Album/ Belladonna / Pulsatilla


Diarrhea (dietary indiscretion)….Ipecacuanha

Diarrhea (exotic, strange foods)….Arsenicum Album

Diarrhea (cramp-like abdominal pains)….Colocynthis

Digestive problems (colicky pains, gas)….Carbo Vegetabilis


Eyestrain (followed by headache)….Ruta Graveolens

Ear (infection)….Aconite (or) Belladona


Fever (quick onset with red sweaty face)….Belladona

Flatulence (eating greasy foods)….Carbo Vegetabilis

Flu-like Symptoms (worse with movement)….Pulsatilla

Flu-like Symptoms (better with movement)….Rhus Toxicodendrum

Flu-like Symptoms (overall weakness, shivering, thirstlessness)….Gelsemium


Gas….Carbo Vegetabilis

Gastric upset….Pulsatilla


Headaches (tension)….Carbo Vegetabilis

Hives….Apis Mellifica (or) Belladona


Indigestion (wanting to vomit, but cannot)….Nux Vomica

Indigestion (Belching gas)….Carbo Vegetabilis

Injury (overexertion, tendinitis)….Ruta Graveolens

Insect bite….Ledum Palustre

Insomnia (stress induced)….Cocculus Indica


Menstrual Discomfort (abdominal cramps)….Colocynthis

Menstrual Disorders….Pulsatilla



Neuritis (inflammation of nerves)….Rhus Toxicodendrum

Nervousness (before events)….Gelsemium


Physical Efforts (prolonged)….Arnica Montana

Puncture Wounds (superficial)….Ledum Palustre


Rash (skin)….Arsenicum Album

Rheumatism (joints)….Bryonia


Sprain….Arnica Montana

Stomach cramps (relieved by over and/or pressure)….Colocynthis

Strain (overexertion)….Arnica Montana (or) Rhus Toxicodendrum

Sty….Hepar Sulphur (or) Pulsatilla

Sunburn….Cantharis (or) Belladona


Surgery (pain relief after surgery)….Ledum Palustre



Throat (sore)….Apis / Belladona / Aconite / Hepar Sulphur

Toothache (thirstlessness)…Pulsatilla / Chamomilla (for great pain and irritability)

Tooth Extraction….Hypericum

Trauma (general)….Arnica

Travel sickness (nausea)….Cocculus Indicus (or) Tabacum


Vomiting (nausea / indigestion)….Ipecacuanha (or) Nux Vomica

Vomiting (diarrhea or cramps/ alternating with extreme cold sweats)….Veratrum Album


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