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Words of Wisdom from Bartus’s clients August 26, 2010

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MOM: That Bartus is really something. He is both a healer and a teacher. He has a special way of saying things without really saying them directly, and that is helping me AND my reiki clients.
ME: What do you mean?
MOM: Well, we were talking about holding tension, and Bartus said: “Some people don’t even realize that they’re clenching their jaw all the time . . .” If he had told me I clench my jaw I might have said: ‘No I don’t”. But since that session, I realize that I do. MOST OF THE TIME. I’m just holding loads of tension there. So in a very gentle way, he taught me not only that I need to relax more, pointing out what part of my body is holding so much tension, and he also taught me a way of saying things to my reiki clients without putting them on the defensive.”
A conversation between Maria Bennedetti and her mother, Maria B. Hajosy ( of Southampton, Long Island) –
In the world we live, people tend not to trust. They don’t trust their politicians, their bosses, sometimes even their friends and family. I am fortunately a trusting person who at times has been “taken”; but it has never changed my attitude.
Being open and trusting allows you to find a special person like Bartus, whom you are able allow into my inner workings, totally trusting him to do what is right for you and your body knowing that everything shared will be treated with the utmost care, respect and loyalty. My body and spirit are in much better shape because of Bartus and they both miss him terribly.
Cindy Golbert –
I am a yoga teacher and I hurt my back doing a yoga sequence that was not appropriate for my body (one side of my pelvis is higher than the other).  The entire left side of my lower back was hurting and I had to move very slowly and consciously. It hurt to sleep on my left side.  I went to see Bartus one day after the injury and he treated me for about 2 hours. I felt a lot better and very relaxed in body and mind right after the treatment. I was able to walk normally and sleep on my left side that night.  Next morning when I woke up I just felt a little bit of stiffness on the lower back but it when away during the day to the point it felt like the injury never happen.  ¡Thank you Bartus!
Jorge L. Plata –
I have known Bartus since Oct.2008. He’s a wonderful soul and even though we have known each other for a short time;  I can truly call him my friend.  I’ve recommended several family members to share his time and energy.  His treatments will awaken stagnant energy in anyone’s  body.  It is a very special and personal experience. I appreciate the company of his wife, Elizama; and I LOVE the atmosphere on his farm. Hopefully, I can create a similar atmosphere for me and my family in the upcoming future
Yanira from Ponce-
I copied the part of the 5 element types of people, and will use this in my lectures. I liked the way it was written. I also was proud to read the testimonials about you. I wanted to shout out loud: ” Of course it is so !! This is Bartus you are talking about!!!”
Dr. Hila Davidson, M.Ac., AP. DMQ ( China)… world famous healer-
 I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Since my treatment with you on wed, my BP dropped significantly. I was my usual 135/91 on Monday but on Wednesday was 115/72!  It has remained like that through today.  My diastolic was ~90 for the past 2 years. I really am at a loss to explain it. I may stop taking by BP med if it stays like this.  This is incredible.  As a scientist, I stand in awe…
Greg Quirk-
    I just want you to know, how I appreciate, and I am so Grateful for all what you do… The classes, for being so diligent with the information you send us at all times, and all your time you generously share with us. I want to let you know that you teach us more than just shiatsu. Your actions go beyond that, and is and honor the experience in all ways. What ever you need from us, know that all you have to do is ask. I feel and I believe this is the way that we grow up, evolve like humans and spiritual beings, beyond our desires and egos. Please, for me it will be a pleasure to share my generosity too. Thank You again for everything.
Jesus Aguad-
Your website is “amazing.” A masterpiece of creativity and wellness. A lifetime of true spiritual transformational connection and appreciation of healthy abundance. We are so proud of your accomplishments. Love your sister and brother Dolores &Chris and your overwhelmingly proud Mom…

Dolores Allen-McIntyre