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An Evening with the Five Elements and Films November 5, 2012

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An Evening with the 5 Elements and Films
The category of films selected, were assemble together to help illustrate, how all movies can provoke a deep understanding of the Five Element theory. This isn’t a forum to critic movies, only share one person’s perspective on appreciating the magical interwoven connection of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Films. We embody all the five elements ( Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), but throughout our life time; we experience illness, extremely stressful situations, love and loss, difficult financial and career choices… the list goes on!! Along this road we travel, the human spirit has developed tools to protect our vulnerable inner core. We all walk around with a mask of protection or expectation ( depending on your preference ). I once had a client who projected a clear example of the Fire element, always giggling, excited and joyful, and sensitive. After several months, she began to display a clear example of the Water element, philosophical, withdrawn at times, with penetrating eyes. I ask, if she was feeling well; she calmly stated… “at home I’m like this all the time”. She also stated, she ‘s a caring and nurturing mother, and would do absolutely anything for her children and family members( Earth element type). She finally felt comfortable in my presence, and didn’t feel the need to showcase the Fiery cheerleader image.
 Film makers help navigate the audience in gripping stories. And we all have stories!! Watching a movie, is like being a fly on the wall of fictional characters. This form of entertainment helps me to reflect and analyze my own life. These movies were selected to examine the main character’s development, the director’s tone of the movie, theme or plot of the film, and what emotions were invoked after watching the film.
 I knew someone who read about the Metal element, but couldn’t fully comprehend that element. I told him to watch, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. After viewing the movie, my friend had a better idea, how to embrace the Metal in himself. At times, this film seems like a silent movie and praise the value of letting go, not to mention Brad Pitt’s character speaks in a simple inquisitive fashion. Like people, this film brilliantly represent all the 5 elements, but Water and Metal element, echoed in my spirit.
 I once knew someone with complicated mother issues, they wanted to understand the complexity of the Earth element. I told this person to watch, The Silence of the Lambs. Yes, it’s a violent and scary movie, but Anthony Hopkins character loves to consume human flesh, and he talks about the stomach wants to transform…The Earth elements is about transforming food into energy. The pivotal symbol of the moth and Jodie Foster character’s struggles with her father’s death and the two father-like figures in her adult life.This is Earth element in need of major repair.
 I have a client in her late 60’s; with a very hard and edgy personality. Her two brothers had just passed away and she began to distance herself from friends and family. Because of her hard protective shell, she was unable to experience any compassion or warmth from anyone. I recommended a lovely Fire element movie, called Across the Universe. This movie is based on the music of the Beatles…Love, Love, Love. She grew up during this time of Cultural, Racial, Peaceful and Sexual Revolution. A time of youthful energy shaping the minds of future generations.She commented, after watching the movie; she was less burden and sings all the time now.
  I have a friend who is always dreaming of projects, but never developed one single idea. This was creating frustration and bitterness in his life. I told him to watch the film, The Matrix. This Wood element film clearly demonstrate the power of unleashing your sense of hope, personal decisions, fate,  flexibility, and vision.Unchain your spirit and mind from conditions which don’t benefit your growth. He began to partner with engineers and business minded individuals, who could assist with his vision.
 After 2 years, my friend was unable to enter another romantic relationship, in fear of another break up. She was indeed stuck in the Water element. I ask her to watch the film, The Sixth Sense. Here’s a world, in which a young boy lives in the land of the living; but is visited by ghost….all the time. He learns that the dead, only want to communicate and he shouldn’t fear them. After the film, we both talked and she realized she needed to express herself and communicate her needs to future love interest.
  I hope this post helps you see the  5 elements and films in a whole new dimension. An Evening with the 5 Elements and Films, is always being  updated, so keep posted!! Have fun and Thanks.
WATER  ( What is the Water Element… )
Bound – 1996                                      Mo’ Better Blues – 1992
Copycat – 1995                                    In the Realm of the Senses – 1976
Unbreakable – 2002                         Memento – 2000
Bad Santa – 2002                               The Game – 1997
Black Snake Moan – 2007               Donnie Darko – 2001
The Bourne ( Trilogy )                      Shadows & Fog – 1992
The Dark Knight ( Trilogy)             Monty Pyton’s The Meaning of Life – 1983
Watchmen – 2009                              The Brother from Another Planet – 1984
Sleepy Hollow – 2000                        The Shining – 1980
Magnolia – 1999                                  Glory – 1989
The Book of Eli – 2009                       Marathon Man – 1976
Avatar – 2009                                        The Hospital – 1971
Diabolique – 1996                                 Barton Fink – 1991
M – 1931                                                   The American – 2011
WOOD  ( What is the Wood Element ….  )
The Shawshank Redemption – 1994                  Reservoir Dogs – 1992
Blades of Glory – 2007                                           Rushmore – 1998
X-Men ( Trilogy)                                                     Network – 1976
High Fidelity – 2001                                               The Bad News Bears – 1976
Pan’s Labyrinth – 2006                                          The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai – 1984
Office Space – 2002                                                  Amadeus – 1984
Hustle & Flow – 2005                                              Tower Heist – 2011
V for Vendetta – 2006
The Good Thief – 2003
Malcolm X – 1992
Fight Club – 1999
Kill Bill Vol.I – 2003
Kung Fu Hustle – 2004
300 – 2007
School of Rock – 2003
The Good Girl – 2002
FIRE ( What is the Fire Element …  )
Grease –  1977                                                           Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – 2004
High Fidelity – 2001                                               What Women Want – 2000
Hairspray – 2008                                                      Alice – 1990
Spider-Man ( Trilogy )                                             This is Spinal Tap – 1984
Basic Instinct – 1992                                                 Broadway Danny Rose – 1984
House of the Flying Daggers – 2005                    Duck Soup – 1933
The Lord of the Rings ( Trilogy)                           Harold & Maude – 1971
Superbad – 2007                                                        Velvet Goldmine – 1998
The Matador – 2006                                                  Purple Rain – 1984
Me and Orson Welles – 2008                                 The Flowers of War – 2011
Y Tu Mama Tambien – 2001                                    Cinema Paradiso – 1988
Love Actually – 2004                                                  Tie Me Up Tie Me Down – 1990
Moonrise Kingdom – 2012                                        Heartbreaker – 2010
 Austin Powers..Films                                               The Crush – 1993
 Nurse Betty – 2000                                                   Pleasantville – 1999
The Avengers – 2012
EARTH  ( What is the  Earth Element…  )
The Godfather ( Trilogy )                           Raising Arizona – 1987           Like Water for Chocolate – 2000
SoulFood – 2000                                           Sirens – 1993                              What’s Cooking – 2001
About a Boy – 2002                                      Newlyweds – 2011                     Diner – 1982
Volver – 2007                                                Chocolat – 2001                         Pieces of April – 2004
Signs – 2004                                                  Moonstruck – 1987
Sexual Chronicle of a French Family – 2012                                              Delicatessen – 1992
Kill Bill Vol.2 – 2004                                   Big Night – 1996                        Dieta Mediterranea – 2011
Nutty Professor 2 – 2000                            Eating Raoul – 1985
Pacific Heights – 1990                                Fried Green Tomatoes – 1998
The Village – 2005                                       Eat Pray Love – 2010
No Reservations – 2007                              Woman on Top – 2003
Julie & Julia – 2009                                      The Ramen Girl – 2009
Willy Wonka  – 1971                                     Soylent Green – 1973
METAL  (What is the Metal Element….. )
Groundhog Day – 1993                                              The Pianist – 2002
The 40-Year Old Virgin – 2005                               Good Dick – 2008
Dogma – 1998                                                               The Man wo fell to Earth – 1976
Departures – 2008                                                       Metropolis – 1927
Interview with the Vampire – 1994                         My Dinner with Andre – 1981
Seven – 1998                                                                  A Thousand Words – 2011
Being John Malkovich – 2000                                 The Descendants – 2011
Dracula – 1992
Terminator 2 – 1991
Sunshine – 2007
Idiocracy – 2006