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What is Green is Zen? July 13, 2008


Green is Zen, is the warm sanctuary of Elizama Montalvo, M.D. and Bartus Allen, L.Ac. This unique three acre farm, hidden away in the mountains of Ponce, Puerto Rico; the area is also called , ” El Yunque of the South”. GZ (Green is Zen) was developed for like-minded individuals to take time away from their busy schedules to commit their full attention to inner development, which will naturally accelerate evolution while bringing you into a new and refreshing ways of being with yourself and in your life. In every spiritual practice, Nature is an integral part of devotion. Nature is the manifestation of love itself, it reflects our deepest passion to create and remain in stillness. We all know something about Zen. We know it is a path of inner peace, meditation, profound wisdom, ceremony and practicality. In order to achieve these goals, GZ explores the spirit of true community, supreme imagination, benefits of delicious organic dishes, self-healing/self-respect/self-determination, diverse agricultural crops, and the wonders of playfulness. We welcome your energy and feedback.

Contact Information:

Elizama Montalvo, M.D. – email address: (787)672-0041

Bartus Allen, L.Ac. – email address: (787)672-0095

Mailing Address:

HC-07 Box 25877

Bo. Montelleano

Ponce, Puerto Rico 00731-9630




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